Smart steel. Since 1981.



Anstar’s SMART STEEL™ concept includes A-BEAM® composite beams, in-house dimensioning software and AEP® hidden brackets

Did you know that Anstar is a pioneer of composite beams and connection technology in Finland? The A-BEAM W® and A-BEAM S® composite beams are the results of Anstar’s own development work, and their production started in 2003. In addition to these products, Anstar also offers dimensioning software that designers and builders can use to design the load-bearing structures of buildings. The dimensioning software can be used to design the structural solutions and connections according to the latest design standards. The software applications are used to specify the resistance and utilisation rates of the frame connections with Anstar products. The A-BEAM W® and A-BEAM S® composite beams and the dimensioning software are a combination that is an integral part of Anstar’s SMART STEEL™ concept for smart construction. SMART STEEL™ enables efficient, modern construction even in difficult conditions. Anstar’s operations highlight the following:

  • Finnish quality
  • lengthy experience
  • excellent location.
Thanks to these properties, we can ensure reliable deliveries on time. The construction process is made easier and quicker by mutually agreed technical solutions. Our A-BEAM® solution and Anstar connection technology form part of the frame system, offering cost-efficiency and flexibility for construction.  

AEP® hidden bracket developed by Anstar

In addition to the composite beams and dimensioning software, the AEP® hidden bracket has also been developed in-house by Anstar. The bracket has been used in concrete column and beam connections for 25 years now, and it has achieved a leading market position in connection technology used in prefabricated element construction.
The AEP® hidden bracket was the first commercial hidden bracket application in Finland. It was based on Anstar’s product development and patent. The AEP® hidden bracket also opened up new opportunities for developing hidden connection technology for concrete element frames. There are also applications of the AEP® hidden bracket for the A-BEAM S® and A-BEAM W® composite beams for concrete and composite column structures.
The most significant achievement in Anstar’s product development in the 1980s was developing a hot heading method for rebar. The method is applied in the manufacture of extended threads for rebar couplers. The method was also introduced in the manufacture of anchor pieces for short anchor bolts, meaning that welded plate anchors no longer needed to be used for anchor bolts.