Smart steel. Since 1981.


SMART STEEL™ means smart construction. Our concept enables efficient, modern construction even in difficult conditions. Our technical support will help you with all your questions relating to concrete connections, and our specialists may also develop solutions to more special connection challenges. Have a look at the solutions we have previously come up with.

Mäkelänmäki school, Muurame

Builder: Jalon Rakentajat Oy
  • A-BEAM W®
  • AOK® support
  • Bolts

Kauriala school, Hämeenlinna

Builder: Lapti Oy
  • A-BEAM W®
  • AOK® support

Tikkurilan kirkko, Vantaa

Builder: Lujatalo Oy
  • Brackets and supports

Keilaniemi NEXT, Espoo

Builder: NCC Suomi Oy
  • A-BEAM W®
  • A-BEAM S®
  • AEP® hidden bracket
  • Column shoes
  • ALP® anchor bolts
  • Fastening plates