SMART STEEL™ means smart construction. Our concept enables efficient, modern construction even in difficult conditions. Our technical support will help you with all your questions relating to concrete connections, and our specialists may also develop solutions to more special connection challenges. Have a look at the solutions we have previously come up with.

As Oy Helsingin Spektri

Builder: Skanska Talonrakennus Oy
  • Construction started in February 2022
  • Construction ended in February 2024
  • The building includes houses A-C and a garage
  • A total of 54 pieces A-BEAM® -composite beam was delivered

Pojamankatu 12

Builder: Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy
  • Construction started March 2021
  • Construction ended February 2023

As Oy Sipoon Puuhuippu

Builder: TILA Group Oy
  • Construction started June 2022
  • Construction ended September 2023
  • Total of 47 A-BEAM® composite beams were delivered

Orimattila Coeducational School

Builder: Varte Lahti Oy
  • Gross area: 4362 bmr² 
  • Construction started in November 2022
  • Construction ended in April 2024
  • More than 250 meters of A-BEAM W® beams, AOK® supports and fastening plates were delivered to the site

Maatulli Elementary School, Helsinki

Builder: Jatke Toimitilat Oy
  • Construction started in August 2022 
  • Construction ended in July 2024
  • Total of 118 of composite beams were delivered

KYS Psychiatry house, Kuopio

Builder: K. Tervo Oy
  • 2300 meters of A-BEAM W® composite beam delivered to the site
  • 25 AOK® brackets
  • Additionally, AEP® hidden brackets and bolts were delivered to the site

Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK, Kotka

Builder: Lujatalo Oy
  • 320 meters of A-BEAM W® composite beams delivered to the site.
  • In addition, the delivery included AEP® hidden brackets.

Kerava nursing home, Kerava

Builder: Varte Oy
  • 140 meters of A-BEAM W® composite beams delivered to the site.