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Anstar has developed dimensioning software for designing the load-bearing frames of buildings. The software applications are used to specify the resistance and utilisation rates of the frame connections with Anstar products.  

  • The software has been designed for easy use and illustrative presentation.
  • The dimensioning of the structure is illustrated using colour graphics, showing the resistance of the structure and connection pieces as well as the utilisation rates and whether they are exceeded.
  • The software dimensions the connection according to the latest European standards.
  • The software performs the calculation for the erection stage, final stage and accident situations.
  • The software produces strength calculation materials for building control.
  • The user interface and printing language options are Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • The software can be used on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The use of the software applications is facilitated by the product-specific design instructions available on the website.
  For structural design, Anstar has made Revit blocks, ACAD blocks and Tekla Structures components for its products, enabling the flexible use of Anstar products in the design work.

AColumn 4.0

The AColumn software is used to design column shoe/anchor bolt connections for concrete elements. The software is used for designing the following types of element connections:

  • Element column coupler and foundation connections Rectangular and round columns
  • Shear wall coupler and foundation connections
  • Moment stiff beam-to-column connections


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ASteel 1.5

The ASteel software is used for designing the following types of element connections:

  • Base plate/foundation connections of steel and composite columns
  • Machinery and equipment foundation connections to concrete foundations
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical connections
  • Rolled and welded column profiles
  • Transferring shear force through base plate friction or a shear stud
  • Dimensioning Anstar steel structure bolts for foundations


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ABeam 4.9

The A-Beam software is used for preliminary design of A-Beam S- and W-type composite beams in hollow-core slab floors for design-and-build deal reference plans.

  • The software calculates the preliminary dimensions for composite beams based on the loads.
  • The software uses the A-Beam W- and S-type beam selection.
  • Anstar is responsible for the final dimensioning of the beams.

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ProdLib BIM product library

Anstar’s products are available in a ProdLib product library. ProdLib is a free service that supports AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit and ArchiCAD software.

Tekla’s 3D components for Anstar products

Components for Anstar products have been prepared in the Tekla Structures 3D modelling software and can be used for modelling the products.

First save the components on your computer and then follow the installation instructions. The components can be used starting from software version 17.0.4. If you need components for older software versions, please contact Anstar’s technical support.

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