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Anstar turns 40

Anstar Oy, a family business from Lahti, Finland, is currently celebrating its anniversary. Specialising in the sales and manufacture of concrete structure connections and composite beams, the company was founded in 1981 and has now been involved in the construction business for 40 years. Over the decades, Anstar has grown into an international operator doing business around the world. The company designs and manufactures its own products and design software for its customers. Finnish quality has always been the starting point for Anstar. SMART STEEL™ concept at the heart of everything Anstar has brought many products and software applications to the market over the decades. The first hidden brackets, composite beams and software were all introduced around the turn of the millennium. SMART STEEL™ is the philosophy of Anstar’s work. It means smart construction and enables efficient, modern construction even in difficult conditions. Anstar manufactures all its products itself. Domestic production has been Anstar’s competitive advantage through the decades. “We have grown and developed with the industry and our customers. I’m very proud of where we are now, but at the same time we are looking strongly into the next 40 years. We intend to keep the same ideology at the centre of our operations in the future,” says Tero Viljakainen, Managing Director of Anstar. Success through family business Viljakainen is leading Anstar in the footsteps of his father, Kari Viljakainen. Staff well-being and appreciation have always been central to the family business. Tero Viljakainen gives a lot of praise to his people. “Our employees don’t just work here – they are really interested in how we are doing and how can get better and better. It is part of our operating culture that everyone comes up with ideas and develops Anstar. It brings motivation and gives meaning to the work.” The future looks bright Having reached the age of forty years, Anstar does not intend to make any major changes to its business ideology. On the other hand, there will certainly be some revamps and developments, because the ideology obliges the company to keep up with the development – and drive it. As regards materials and 3D printing, for example, there will surely be changes even in such a traditional industry. People always come up with better ways of doing things. Technology is also becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. “We are moving forward on the path of growth and development. We want Anstar to be an innovative and increasingly international player in its field even in 40 years’ time. This anniversary year is a great thing, but we are already looking strongly towards the future and the next steps,” Viljakainen says.