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New patented product: AOK support

Anstar’s AOK support is used in a hollow-core slab floor opening as the load-bearing structure for the end of the slab. Its housing is made of steel plate, and its bending resistance is adjusted by means of plate thickness and supplementary reinforcement. During the erection stage, the support works without concrete on the inside. During the final stage, the support works as a composite structure with the hollow-core slab and the housing grouting. The bending resistance of the support’s housing is sufficient for the loads on the hollow-core slabs during installation. The support works without separate fire protection up to fire resistance class R60. It has standard connections to the edge of the slab and to the top of the element beam or wall.

  • The product has been tested and dimensioned to withstand demanding construction conditions
  • Supports are manufactured according to SFS-EN 1090-2
  • The product is CE-marked according to SFS-EN 1090-1
  • No limitations for the size of the opening
  • Quick installation on the site
  • Excellent technical support
  • Designed in accordance with the requirements of European standards
Watch the introduction video: