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Anstar’s product library updated!

ProdLib’s Anstar product library has been changed due to the revamping of the product range. Bracket products (AEP) are now also available for Revit software. The following changes have been made to products on the AutoCAD side: Bolts

  • ATP/AHP: new sizes added, table values updated
  • ALP-L/ALP-P replaced with: ALP-PC/ALP-PS, ALP-LS and ALP-P2/ALP-P2S
  • AET/AES: removed
  • AHK: sections updated, table values updated
  • APK replaced with: APK-C
  • AK-KK/APKK replaced with: AHK-K/APKK-C
  • A-BEAM® S- and W-type beams added
Update the Anstar product library or download it from ProdLib’s Library Manager! More information available from: Hannu Lumiaho, Head of Design Engineering, tel. +358 40 592 0852, Publication: For immediate release Distribution: Key media, Anstar Oy website