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Anstar to deliver composite beams for KYS Uusi Sydän hospital!

Anstar Oy will deliver approx. 2.4 kilometres of its A-BEAM® composite beam for the North Savo hospital. The composite beams will be delivered to Rakennusliike Lapti, the main contractor for the project. The connection pieces will be delivered to Betonimestarit Oy, the frame supplier. The deliveries will begin immediately and will probably continue until early 2019. Uusi Sydän (New Heart) is an extensive hospital unit with a gross area of approx. 60,000 m2. Old buildings are being demolished to make room for the new one, and it will be connected to several existing buildings and a tunnel network. A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy is responsible for the structural design of the project. “This is a significant order that gives us a good basic workload! Our solutions are highly cost-efficient, and our products have been used in a number of noteworthy projects in Finland and abroad,” says Managing Director Tero Viljakainen. More information available from: Tero Viljakainen, Managing Director, Anstar Oy, tel. +358 44 761 3510, e-mail: Jarmo Vaskelainen, Project Engineer, Anstar Oy, tel. +358 44 763 0990, e-mail: Publication: For immediate release Distribution: Key media, Anstar Oy website