Column shoes

AHK® column shoe

The connection consists of a prefabricated shoe that is installed in the element formwork before casting. The shoe connection is in working order when its grouting concrete has reached the design strength. Shoe connection design is made easy and fast with ACOLUMN design software. The bolts used for the shoes are ATP and AHP® rebar bolts.

AHK shoes are used in office, commercial and public buildings for connecting light concrete element frames to foundations and for column extensions. The shoes are also suitable for connecting concrete columns to the foundations of industrial buildings. The product is tested and rated to withstand demanding building conditions and is manufactured in accordance with SFS-EN 1090-2:2018.

AHK® column shoes are used in light- and heavy-duty column extension and foundation connections of concrete frames, in corner connections of rectangular columns.

AHK®-K middle shoes are for use in the middle of the sides of rectangular columns and in round columns.

AHK-K® shoes are middle shoes used in the middle of rectangular columns’ sides or in wall-like elements in connections transferring normal and shear forces as well as bending moment. AHK-K® shoes are also suitable for round columns, since their bonds are optimally located at the surface of a round column’s stirrups. The shoes are used for extending columns and connecting them to foundations. A connection with two shoes only transfers normal force, and a connection with 4–8 shoes transfers normal and shear forces as well as bending moment.

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APK®-C column shoe

APK®-CM beam shoe

ASL wall shoes



A-BEAM® and Anstar’s connection technology form part of the frame system, offering cost-efficiency and flexibility for construction.


Diagonal ties are used in concrete sandwich panels to connect the outer skin with the inner skin through the insulation layer. The ties transfer the self-weight and wind loads of the outer skin to the inner skin.

Fastening plates

Fastening plates are used on cast-in-place and prefabricated structures to provide a mounting surface for welding.

Suspension components

Anstar has developed bracket and support systems for efficient and affordable construction. The connection pieces are easy to install both at the prefabrication factory and on site.

Balcony connections

Balcony hinges are used to transfer horizontal forces from the balcony to the building frame. The hinged connection enables vertical movement.

Rebar bolts and anchor bolts

high-quality rebar and anchor bolts are responsibly made with recycled steel. There are two different basic types of bolts: ATP- ja AHP® rebar bolts and ALP® anchor bolts

AEP® hidden bracket

AEP® hidden brackets are used to fasten a concrete element beam or Anstar A-BEAM® to the side of a concrete element column, wall or another beam. 

AOK® support

The AOK® support is used in a hollow-core slab floor opening as the load-bearing structure for the end of the slab. The AOK® support has been granted a patent, which enables exclusive rights to the most cost-effective support in the market.

Column shoes

Column shoes are used in light- and heavy-duty column extension and foundation connections; wall shoes are used in the tension connections of stiffening wall and shaft elements, retaining walls and earth pressure walls that stiffen the building.

Rebar couplers

Rebar couplers are used for joining rebars with full tension capacity. The ends of bars to be joined are provided with threads, and the bars are joined using a coupler sleeve that transfers the force on the rebar across the connection.

Bracing connections

ADE® and ADK® bracing connections are designed for stabilising the concrete element frame. These connections
are used in the joints between concrete columns and stabilising steel bracings.


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