Updated ASTEEL software and fastening plate user manual available for download

Anstar has developed dimensioning software for designing the load-bearing frames of buildings. The software applications are used to specify the resistance and utilisation rates of the frame connections with Anstar products. We have updated the ASTEEL software with a new version to better meet today’s needs and challenges. ASTEEL version 2.1 features an improved FEM calculation method for the base plate in the fastening area of the connected profile. The method made it possible to level out the stress peaks of the profile and bolt fastening area and to increase the resistance of the plate, especially with regard to bending moments.

You can download the updated software here.

Fastening plate user manual updated
Fastening plates manufactured by Anstar Oy are steel plates equipped with bonds and installed in the concrete before it hardens. Adjoining structural fastenings are made by welding directly onto the steel plate.

A new version of the user manual for fastening plates was published on 6 November 2020. The tabular dimensioning of fastening plates has been changed to a presentation that better serves the users by separating the force quantity of each plate and the minimum edge distance it requires into its own table. The change in presentation made it possible to increase the table values of bending moments in particular.

Download the updated user manual here.