The world is changing, construction is changing – and our composite beams are developing

We design, manufacture and develop our products ourselves, under our own roof. In accordance with our SMART STEEL® concept, we continuously strive to do everything better, which is concretely reflected in the development of our composite beams, for example. The development work never stops and will never be complete, but we can get better every day.

For our part, we want to be constantly improving the construction sector. This blog describes the latest developments in the A-BEAM S® and W® beams and how they can help to further develop construction. Improvements have been made in the beam structures, product range and connection systems as well as in construction in winter conditions.


The application range and beam selection have been expanded

The standard range of A-BEAM S® and W® beams has been expanded to cover commonly used concrete and composite column sizes. This allows the selection of the right beam size according to the dimensions of the column and the hollow-core slabs. It simplifies the floor structures and enables the easy use of mixed frames. The height dimensions of the beams have been designed according to different surface materials, so that the required protective concrete layers according to the environmental classification can be achieved and the fire situation conditions can be met.

An application has also been made for the S and W beams for continuous thin-shell slab structures, making it possible to achieve very slender slab structures. The continuity of the slab also makes it possible to implement demanding floor surface structures. In addition to this, the beams will also get an application for cast-in-place slabs.


The beam structure has been redesigned – both beams in the same frame

The structure and measurement system for the S and W beams have been redesigned. Thanks to this, the S and W beams can now be used in the same frame according to the different characteristics of the beam. This is can be seen in construction as flexibility and new opportunities.

The composite action of the beams has been redesigned, increasing the efficiency. This makes it possible to achieve the same bending resistance with a lighter and thus more economical steel profile. The composite action is optimised using software, enabling the selection of the lightest profile for each application.


“The structure has been developed in such a way that the use of steel can be optimised and checked by calculation.”


Special requirements for winter construction and floor surface structures

In particular, the structure of the W beam has also been developed for winter construction conditions. The structure has been developed in such a way that the use of steel can be optimised and checked by calculation. The concrete-filled W beam is well suited to winter construction. The concreting takes place in factory conditions, where humidity can be easily controlled.


The S and W beam connection system increases speed and changeability

Anstar’s hidden bracket system is being redesigned. The compatibility of the beam connection system therefore no longer depends on the beam and column material, but the system connections are suitable for concrete, composite and steel column structures alike. This enables better changeability of the frame material even with a tight schedule.


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Production Manager

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The author of the article, Toni Räty, has decades of experience in the production steel structures, especially steel beams. Toni’s passion is to continuously improve the beam manufacturing processes in order to make production more efficient and give customers better quality more quickly.