The new browser-based ACOLUMN® software is published

Designing is now easier than ever with the browser-based version of the ACOLUMN® design software. This means that the software is always up to date, without separate updates. You can thus focus on design work without worrying about software updates. 

The redesigned software is designed to meet the current needs of structural designers. Can't wait? Register in our new software portal and the design work can begin! 


ACOLUMN® software 

  • Design column shoe and anchor bolt connections of concrete elements easily. 
  • The software is suitable for designing both rectangular and circular column continuation and foundation connections. 
  • The interface is user-friendly and visually clear. 
  • Color graphics illustrate the durability, utilization rates and potential exceedances of structures and connection parts. 
  • The software follows the latest Eurocode standards in the sizing of connections. 
  • The software performs calculations for installation, operational and accident situation loads. 
  • You will receive strength calculation materials for building control.

"The new browser-based ACOLUMN software does not need to be installed on your own computer at all. Always up-to-date software saves the designer's time and the modern interface improves the user experience." 

Markus Hopeakoski, Design Manager 


New software portal 

In the future, you will find all sizing programs (ACOLUMN®, ABEAM®, ASTEEL) through our new software portal. Create an account in the portal and start designing today! 

The use of the software is free and you can access them by registering in our system. Have questions? Our technical support will help you with all questions! 

We help with all technical support!

Pekka Heikkilä 
Technical Expert 
+358 41 730 5570