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The more enviromentallyfriendly A-BEAM W® composite

Anstar is launching the new A-BEAM W®, the most modern composite beam in the world. In addition to the composite beam, the ABEAM software associated with the beam is updated to version ABEAM 5.0. In the new software version, the beam structure has been redesigned. At the same time, the beam selection and thin-shell slab structures have been increased. ADVANCED IN MANY WAYS:

  • Recycled steel has also been utilised in the manufacturing
  • Possibility to use ecological concrete
  • Manufactured using renewable energy
  • More environmentally-friendly: EPD certificate
  • Lighter
  • Lower emissions
  • More cost-efficient
The new A-BEAM W® composite beam is a next-generation product that no one else can provide. Again, we have succeeded in innovating something clearly new and better, which fits in nicely with Anstar’s 40th anniversary.