Supports take many forms – thinner and lighter is the way to go

I have years of experience working with different kinds of supports. I can unashamedly say that we at Anstar have a product that is second to none, which is also reflected in our sales. Interest in the product is growing strongly in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In this blog I thought I would tell you what I think is central to choosing the right support and what we highlight in our own AOK® support.


Material savings without compromising strength

The AOK® support is used in a hollow-core slab floor opening as the load-bearing structure for the end of the slab. There are many kinds of supports. The web plate we use makes our AOK® support exceptional. The web plate renders the support more rigid, so the steel used in manufacturing can be considerably thinner. In our case, steel is 5 mm thick.

Thinner steel makes the support lighter. The product is also more ecological and has lower emission levels as less steel is needed. In addition, we use a significant amount of recycled steel, which has a positive effect on the carbon footprint. Naturally, the raw material savings are also reflected in the price of the product.


Here is some more information about our patented AOK® support:

  • The product has been tested and dimensioned to withstand demanding construction conditions
  • Supports are manufactured according to SFS-EN 1090-2
  • The product is CE-marked according to SFS-EN 1090-1
  • No limitations for the size of the opening
  • Quick installation on the site
  • Excellent technical support
  • Designed in accordance with the requirements of European standards

Watch the introduction video: 


Toni Räty

Production Manager

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The author of the article, Toni Räty, has decades of experience in the production steel structures, especially steel beams. Toni’s passion is to continuously improve the beam manufacturing processes in order to make production more efficient and give customers better quality more quickly.