Introducing: Markus Hopeakoski

Anstar's Design Manager Markus Hopeakoski started in his new job this spring but has already seen and experienced a lot. Making the switch from a larger company to a smaller one has made everyday life different, but only in a positive way. Let's let Markus speak and introduce himself.

"I was born in Espoo in 1991. I went to school in Espoo and also on the Kauniainen side. After that, I went to study in Helsinki, at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I graduated as a civil engineer in 2015, specializing in structural design. Shortly after graduating, I got a job at Sweco as a designer in renovation construction. As a reference, I could mention, among other things, the renovation of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.


"As a reference, I could mention the renovation of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium."


Following work to Lahti

After Sweco, my wife and I decided that we would follow work to a new city. We sent applications to several places, and that time Lahti and Ramboll were the ones that worked out. There, I did a wide range of things: heavy industry, renovation construction, and new construction. As references, I could mention, among other things, the Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, the Malski area, and the Paavola campus. In the Vääksy comprehensive school project, I already got to work with Anstar. I worked at Ramboll for about 6 years.

I was invited to an interview at Anstar. I was asked if I would be interested in doing design work for them. Things went smoothly, and in mid-April, I started as a design manager at Anstar. My responsibilities include project resourcing, organization, and technical support towards customers and designers. In addition, of course, designing and dimensioning A-BEAM W® composite beams."


"The work crew is easy-going and skilled, and here I get to do a wide range of things."


Settling in Lahti going well

"I have enjoyed my time at Anstar and in Lahti very well these past few months. It was easy to settle in here. The work crew is easy-going and skilled, and here I get to do a wide range of things. You can suggest your own ideas with a very low threshold. Anstar is small enough, but still large enough that things get done smoothly without too rigid a hierarchy.

We live here in Lahti, in the Ahtiala area, with my wife, who is originally from Lahti, and our 5-year-old daughter. We have enjoyed our time here very much. For example, nature and lakes are nearby. I have a small boat, which is nice for fishing trips with friends. I also enjoy commuting by bicycle, playing badminton, and doing DIY in our own detached house. I also actively follow local football and ice hockey.


Markus Hopeakoski
Design Manager
+358 40 653 6509