Delivery time and reliability at the center of customer experience

In addition to the price, our customers are interested in two closely related issues: delivery time and reliability. What are the variables that affect these issues?

In terms of delivery time, 90% of our orders are delivered within one week of the order. We make our products ourselves at our factory in Finland, which is not very usual in this industry. We can positively influence delivery times and reliability by keeping the production safely in our hands.

We have more than 700 products, many of which can be found in our stock as standard products, which naturally speeds up the delivery. Very often, orders consisting of stock products are sent to our customer the next day.


“We make our products ourselves at our factory in Finland.”


In addition to finished stock products, we stock semi-finished products, which can be made into many different standard products. Then there are products made from scratch, which may take a week or several weeks.

Standard package sizes also speed up the delivery. This is why we advise our customers to order standard packages where possible, if the original order is close to the standard quantity.

Of course, the delivery time can also be significantly influenced by ordering in advance. Whenever possible, you should order products in good time and specify the desired delivery date. This way, the delivery time is exactly what you want. The earlier you can make the order, the better. It is not always possible to anticipate, but it is a good idea to keep this in mind and do it when possible.


Delivery reliability guaranteed by sufficient shipping capacity

Having the goods in stock is not enough to ensure quick deliveries. Above all, delivery reliability is also influenced by the resources of the shipping department. If the shipping department is congested, the goods do not move smoothly from stock to customers. Therefore, dimensioning is also important in this sense.


“Customers can also influence the reliability of deliveries.”


We have seen this in practice. For this reason, we have hired more shipping staff to respond to the increasing demand.

Customers can also influence the reliability of deliveries for their orders. For example, it is important to be careful when placing an order. If you get all the information correct the first time, it is not necessary to change the order anymore during processing. Even if just a small part of the order is changed, it may have a significant effect on the delivery time. Get it right the first time and get it delivered quickly, that is a good goal!


Jari Vilkman

Key Account Manager, prefabrication factories

+358 400 830 091