Anstar won in court – Peikko’s old patent overturned

Peikko Group Oy sued Anstar in 2020 in the Market Court. In its lawsuit, Peikko claimed that Anstar had violated Peikko's Finnish patent named "teräspalkki" (steel beam).

Anstar denied the claim, considering it unfounded. Anstar also made a counterclaim, seeking to overturn Peikko's patent. According to Anstar's view, Peikko's patent lacked, among other things, inventiveness, meaning the patent should not have been granted at all.

In September 2023, the Market Court resolved the issues and overturned Peikko's old patent due to the lack of inventiveness. Peikko's infringement lawsuit was also dismissed.

Anstar is satisfied with the court's decision.

"This is a victory for our entire industry. At Anstar, we look to the future and focus on serving our customers, as always," says Anstar's Managing Director Tero Viljakainen upon hearing the decision.

The decisions are not yet legally binding.

Tero Viljakainen
Managing Director
044 761 3510