Anstar Oy loses in the Market Court

The Market Court has processed a dispute between Anstar Oy and Peikko Group Oy, where Peikko Group Oy has presented that Anstar Oy’s Environmental Product Declaration contains inaccurate information regarding, for example, the origin of raw materials in steel beam products, the amounts of different grades of steel and the consequent environmental emissions.

Anstar Oy has stated in the Market Court that an unintentional error regarding the origin of the raw materials was made during the drafting of the Environmental Product Declaration, which was corrected immediately after it was noticed. The Market Court has in its decision given on 28.5.2024 prohibited Anstar Oy, under threat of a fine, of continuing to use inaccurate expressions in its marketing.

The Market Court voted on the decision, which indicates the question being judicially very ambiguous. The dissenting member of the Market Court has stated in the matter that, in light of the given evidence, the effect of the error in the Environmental Product Declaration to the environmental emissions as a whole could be negligible. Consequently, it cannot be concluded that the misleading expression would have had an effect on the demand or supply of the product or that it would have harmed the business of another. Anstar Oy concurs with the aforementioned view.

Tero Viljakainen, the CEO of Anstar Oy states that “we have highlighted in the Market Court that the effect of the inaccurate information to the CO2-emissions is negligible and that the error has been within the acceptable margin of error laid out in the standard regarding the drafting of the Environmental Product Declaration. The error in the declaration, which has since been corrected, has been unintentional. In the future we will still keep paying close attention to the details of our Environmental Product Declaration.”

The decision of the Market Court is not yet final.

Tero Viljakainen
Managing Director
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